Seven thousand music fans were expected to gather at the National Life building in Montpelier for the fourth annual Do Good Fest.

Several bands, including Kat Wright and the Indominable Soul Band, Dwight & Nicole, Adam Ezra Group and Guster, performed for free.

Parking cost $20 and proceeds go to Branches of Hope, which raises money for people undergoing cancer treatment and their families.

“This thing is picking up momentum, because doing good is contagious and everybody wants to be part of it and participate. So this is going to get bigger and bigger, and we are excited,” said Mehran Assadi, CEO of National Life group.

“It’s up to grassroots communities these days to really shape the culture that we’re apart of, and that’s something that I love to be a part of. I’m inspired by the mission of the festival here today,” said Adam Ezra, of the Adam Ezra Group.   

The Do Good Fest raised more than $56,000 in its first three years.