In Bulwagga Bay there have been many historic sightings of the legendary lake monster Champ or Champy who is now at the center of one of the newest children’s books to tell his story. 

Driving through Moriah it is no mystery who the main character of the town is. It seems as though everywhere you look the iconic lake monster is there. Now he stars in yet another publication about his life, this time through the words and illustrations of Pam Lemza Putnam.

“When I had my first granddaughter she started talking you know I would share her stories about Champ, and ask questions about where does he live etc. Now she has three younger sisters, and the more I told her stories, because we would go out to the forts a lot, it made me think I ought to write a children’s book, and capture everything.”  

Putnam, says she remembers fondly many stories of champy sightings from her childhood. Now retired, she has decided to combine her two favorite pastimes to create a storybook for future generations to feel that same excitement she once did. 

“What I’ve done is I’ve used photographs, and I’ve made watercolors, and I’ve interposed the two together on the computer so I’ve tried to capture two of my loves, painting and photography together.”

Through the process of getting published, Putnam says the only challenge was trying to create the storyline for the beloved main character, and the rest fell into place. She mentions her favorite moment about the entire project was a reaction from her eldest granddaughter. 

“I read the book to my granddaughters, and my oldest granddaughter is seven and when she turned the page to where there is the ‘Champ’ sign, and the four little girls, she said Botchi is that us? And that made my heart happy.”

The book ‘Champ’ can now be found in local businesses on the New York side of Lake Champlain, Ticonderoga, Port Henry, Moriah, Essex, Westport, across the water in Addison, Vermont.