“There were people in line at 7:15 this morning, and it has been non-stop.”

Within an hour of the doors opening, the line to vote stretched from the Clinton County Government Center building to Trinity Park. Democratic County Election Commissioner Mary Dyer says they had already received more than 300 ballots by 11 a-m.

One concern for folks who have decided to participate in-person voting is how sanitary it would be, one Plattsburgh resident says they did a good job at keeping it clean.

“I felt very safe actually, there were people walking around cleaning things. There were pens for a one time use only, the floors are marked well.” 

Annie Roshon immigrated to the United States from Canada six years ago, she shares why it was important to her to vote early. 

It’s important for women, it’s important for immigrants, it’s important for our country, we need change, and we need change today.”  

Out of the hundreds of voters that turned out, one person in particular says they believe their experience at the polls will be special this year.  

“Well since it’s my first time I just feel likeI have to do it, you can’t miss out on your first voting opportunity.” 

Barbers says that even though he might not share the same views as the rest of his family, he wanted to make sure they all made it out to the polls. 

The commissioner adds that she will be intrigued as to what the numbers will look like for in person voting on election day.