BURLINGTON, VT- Almost a week after a worldwide climate strike and days after Burlington City Council declared a climate emergency, people from across Vermont gathered to discuss ways to combat climate change.

On Thursday, The Energy action Network held its Energy Action Network Summit.

“I think its criticality important that we take this on as a crisis as a national emergency as an international emergency and that we have to be incredible leaders across the spectrum in this room presenting the idea that we need to execute,” said Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman.

Energy Action Network is a group made up of hundreds of different businesses and organizations all working towards a common goal.

Executive Director of Energy Action Network Jared Duval said, “Utilities fuel dealers, state agencies and departments, nonprofit organizations, local businesses… all who are looking for solutions that are going to benefit Vermonters and help us meet our energy and climate goals.”

Their mission works to achieve Vermont’s energy commitment of 90% renewable energy by 2050.

“It’s really about emissions reduction it’s about moving from fossil fuel to renewable and efficient energy,” said Duval.

Over 150 network members along with the Lt. Governor and Mayor Weinberger, gathered at the summit to discuss ways to reach Vermont’s renewable energy goals.

“We share information we convene groups together to share new ideas and opportunities really to help move Vermont foreword,” Duval said.

Mayor Weinberger talked about Burlington’s Energy Roadmap. The Roadmap plans to get to net zero energy in the electric, thermal, and, transportation sectors by 2030.

“It is fundamentally in large, a vision of strategic electrification of those sectors of moving towards electric vehicles and moving towards cold climate heat pumps to replace current technology,” said Mayor Weinberger.

Throughout the summit different organizations shared proposals and gave presentations.

Duval says it’s a way to bring diverse people and people with different political views together to change a common issue.

“Our goal is to bring everyone together into a common conversation because we believe that we are more powerful together rather than individual organizations.”

Energy Action Network also holds monthly events.