In safety matters, the town of Essex is working to update it’s gun and discharge ordinances.

Selectboard leaders say the current ordinance hasn’t been touched in more than 20 years.  They say it’s time to make some updates related to safety.  That could include some changes to where Essex residents are, and are not allowed to hunt or target shoot.  Max Levy, Selectboard Chair, says Essex has seen significant growth in the population and urban ares are expanding.  He say the difficulty lies in retaining Vermont’s long hunting traditions, while making sure the general public remains safe.

“Most hunters shoot very little when they’re out hunting.  Then you have those with backyard shooting ranges, and you could have several hundred rounds per week, or per day, much more than what a hunter would do, so it’s a tough balance.  The traditions in Vermont run deep.  How do we preserve those, while keeping safety number one, ” he asked.

In 2008 an Essex resident was hit by a stray bullet while at home.  He later died from those injuries.  And in 2015, a bullet was found lodged in the wall of another home.

Levy says plan to host a handful of public forums to hear their wants and needs.  That information will then help the Selectboard craft changes to the current ordinance.