Police are investigating fake bomb threats made to two Walgreens in Vermont on Friday.

Police in Lyndonville say someone called the Walgreen’s pharmacy on Broad Street around 12:45 p.m., claiming there was a 12-inch pipe bomb somewhere in the building.

Employees and customers were evacuated. Police determined the threat to be a hoax, and the staff returned to business as usual.

Police in Winooski say that about 10 minutes after the hoax threat in Lyndonville, the Walgreens in Winooski received a similar threat of a 12-inch pipe bomb. The store was evacuated, and once police gave the all-clear employees were allowed back into the store.

A spokesperson for Vermont State Police confirmed the fake threats and said they were being handled by local police.

A spokesperson for the Winooski Police Dept. would not say whether the caller was a man or woman, and would not say whether the call was made from an ‘802’ number.