JERICHO,VT- Eric Axelrod and his two sons are giving away firewood to help those in need through a new project called, “Wood for Good.”

“I think actually now for our family it’s about being involved in something bigger than us, bigger than the Axelrod’s, and really being able to contribute to the community and people who could use the help,” said Eric.

Eric Axelrod of Jericho has always cut firewood, but last winter he found himself with extra wood in his yard. So, he decided to give it away.

“We put an add on front porch forum and we had a pretty immediate response for people who wanted firewood,” said Axelrod.

When COVID-19 hit Eric and his two sons found themselves with some extra time to split, chop and, deliver even more firewood to those in need.

“There was a lady who had a bunch of trees that needed to be taken down and it was about ten chords of wood, which is a lot and we decided we were going to give that all away and that was something that really kept us busy during the early stages of COVID,” said Eric.

Since the pandemic started “Wood for Good,” has grown with volunteers and sponsors.

“North Star leasing first they donated a log loader a firewood conveyer for our cause that’s been amazing. Then also Barrettes Tree Service who donated loads of firewood, and then teacher’s tree service who has also donated loads of firewood, said Eric. “Then the Davis farm who has generously donated or let us use their land.”

Eric’s 13- year-old son Devin says he was tentative to help his dad at first. “So, it seems like a lot more work, but once I started giving it away I started to feel really happy,” said Devin.

The family says helping others has helped them.

“Giving it away is kind of like giving back to yourself,” said Eric’s youngest son Logan.