Richford, VT- A Richford man has pleaded not guilty to child cruelty charges after his two-year-old son overdosed on fentanyl Tuesday afternoon.

Michael Wilson, 30, entered the plea at court hearing Wednesday.

Police with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of a child overdosing on Troy Street around 12:28 p.m. Tuesday. Deputies say the child was revived with Narcan and brought to Northwest Medical Center by Richford Ambulance Service for medical treatment.

According to court records, Wilson told police the child was in the bathroom for an unknown period of time and put a bag containing fentanyl in his mouth.

Wilson does not live at the house where the overdose occurred, but lives nearby and told police he went there to use the phone, not knowing there were drugs in the house.

Police say Wilson is known to have previous drug related involvements with law enforcement.

The Department for Children and Families is also investigating.