Firefighters in South Burlington and Waterbury aren’t letting the rain stop their celebrations. Every year the fire departments host their own trick or treating events.

In Waterbury, the fire department hands out candy and glow necklaces at their two location on Main Street and Maple Street. In addition to candy and glow necklaces, firefighters will also hand out hot dogs at their Main Street location.

The Waterbury Fire Chief Gary Dillion said it’s a great way to bring the community together.

“Normally when it’s not raining or snowing we do it right out front. Since it’s going to be raining, we’re gonna let the kids come in and take a look at the trucks and we are gonna hand out candy. We get hundreds of kids, so it’s kind of nice,” said Dillion.

Every year for almost ten years, The South Burlington Fire Department has been traveling around to different neighborhoods in their fire trucks. However, this year they will be hosting an event at the fire station. Captain Micah Genzlinger of South Burlington Fire, said they will open up their bay doors and let kids come in to look at the trucks and get some candy. He said it’s an event that not only the kids enjoy, but the firefighters too.

“Everybody that works this day enjoys it! So, it would take a lot for us to cancel it. Our guys love going out and being able to see the kids all dressed up and have a good interaction with them and with their parents.”

Both departments feel their events are good ways to stay safe and keep dry during Halloween night.

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