Floor-length winter ‘tube scarf’ is latest in strange fashion trends

giant tube scarves_1512684291655.jpg

Hats, scarves, sweaters and gloves are mainstays of winter fashion, but the next hot pick is here.

One European company is selling a garment that may function as all four items, and a pair of leggings as well.

The chunky-knit “tube scarf” by Dukyana promises full-body warmth and unique style this winter.

Laid flat, the scarf is 16 inches wide and 98 1/2 inches tall (just over 8 feet) so it can cover your whole body and even your head if you don’t mind running into a few things.

It comes in an array of colors including beige, red, gray or blue, and retails for around $280. It is made from a yarn called mohair.

The fashion company is based in Bulgaria, according to the company website.

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