In this week’s forever home, we head back to Addison County for a real-life example of the power of three. Meet bonded trio Rueben, Lisa, and Timmy.

After being transferred from another shelter, the trio landed at Homeward Bound, Addison County’s Humane Society in the hopes of finding their forever home. 

“They are a package deal but that shouldn’t slow them down too much because three is definitely better than one,” says staff member Heather Ballard.

10-year-old Reuben is much more outgoing than his siblings. His brother Timmy and sister Lisa are both 7 years old and a bit more reserved. It’s Rueben who helps them come out of their shell. 

Because Timmy and Lisa are on the shy side, the three will need a quiet home. Older children and dogs are ok, but these kitties need a room all to themselves to help them adjust and feel safe, at least at first. 

“All three of them could go in the same room definitely. we wouldn’t want to split them up at this point. that could be a little more traumatic for them. so just them in their own room for the first week or so and then putting up a baby gate and letting them explore so they can see what’s out there beyond the room they are familiar with,” Heather said.

If you’d like to welcome this adorable trio into your home, you can meet them at Homeward Bound.