A former employee at Highgate Elementary School accused of having sex with a child several times has pleaded not guilty in court. 

The former teacher’s aide, Josie Spears, 33, is being accused of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old boy, the same boy investigators say also received sexually explicit messages from the teacher earlier this year.

Spears pleaded not guilty to all charges on Friday. 

At the hearing on Friday, the judge said he needs to hear more evidence before deciding if Spears should be released.  She is being held without bail until a bail hearing is held.  The bail hearing is slated to be held next week. 

Court documents show the child told investigators Spears engaged him in a sex act. The documents also allege Spears brought the boy to a staff room inside the school ‘hidden from cameras’. Investigators say the boy originally denied being inappropriately touched by Spears, but later told his therapist differently.

Spear’s defense is arguing that the child’s statements are too contradictory. 

If convicted on the newest charges, Spears could face life in prison.