The men of Morrisonville EMS have been answering calls for help a bit “beardier” than usual.

“I’m growing a beard because it’s ‘No Shave November,” says EMT Craig Roberts.

‘We started it a while back because we always like to do something locally and when the No Shave campaign kicked off, we decided what a great thing to do,” says Director of Operations Tyler Ashlaw.  “We started with a small monetary donation we chipped in, but now it’s a thing we do every year.”

The tradition has reached its sixth year at Morrisonville EMS, and counting.

“We thought there’s so much focus on other things but very little focus on men’s health and that’s why we geared that way,” says Ashlaw.

For Roberts, the effort hits close to home.

“A couple of my family members have had problems with colorectal cancer,” says Roberts.  “They have a clean bill of health now, but that’s because they went to their doctor and they followed what they’re doctor recemmended, so they’re still with us today.”

Especially this time of year, these guys say they want everyone home and healthy for the holidays.

“Make sure you’re taking care of yourself so you can be there for your family, especially this time of year,” Roberts says.

The squad is still tallying donations, but has raised at least $300.  The national No Shave campaign has raised more than $1,000,000.  The squad will be clean-shaven come December 1.