Governor Chris Sununu is making sure New Hampshire is prepared for the long game against Covid-19.

In his weekly news conference, Sununu said that current restrictions are “the new normal”. He stressed the importance of vaccinations to avoid deaths and hospitalizations as case numbers continue to climb.

For school reopenings, the governor is giving local districts flexibility on deciding mask protocols rather than issuing a blanket statewide recommendation

“I’m a believer that whatever the schools decide, if they’re listening to parents, if they’re getting the right input, they’re not just defaulting to being as restrictive as we can be for the sake of being restrictive,” said Governor Sununu. “But really looking at the dynamics of how to get the best education in the classroom, when we make sure schools have all of the flexibility to do that, we are very, very successful in this state.”

Sununu says masking is not the end-all-be-all to stop the spread and he says New Hampshire is ready for any virus surges in the fall.