Governor Phil Scott, a Republican, took to Twitter to make a statement about the riots that broke out at the U.S. Capitol. His statement included him calling President Trump to resign, or be removed from office.

“President Trump should resign or be removed from office by his Cabinet, or by the Congress” stated Gov. Scott.

“Make no mistake, the President of the United States is responsible for this event” Gov. Scott stated.

Bernie Sanders also blamed Trump for riots that happened on Wednesday night.

Senator Leahy tweeted earlier to let people know that him and other senators were safe and that they hope to continue the certification of the 2020 election for President-elect Joe Biden.

Rep. Welch posted a video on twitter giving his thoughts on the violent riots.

“Today is a day that I could have never could have imagined in my service as a member of the U.S. House,” Welch stated in the video. “That mob had a leader, and that mod had an objective. That leader, make no mistake, was President Donald J. Trump.”