(WWTI) — A major supermarket chain is taking steps to become fully renewable in a few short years.

Hannaford Supermarkets announced on April 14 that it has committed to becoming fully powered by renewable energy by 2024, making it the first large-scale supermarket to announce this timeline.

According to Hannaford Supermarket President Mike Vail, this decision was made as a part of the company’s sustainability strategy and to focus on climate change efforts.

“Doing what’s right for our business includes doing what’s right for our associates, community, and our planet. Powering Hannaford with 100-percent renewable energy sources will make an immediate, positive impact on greenhouse gas emissions,” Vail said. “This is an important leap forward in our sustainability journey, and one that we hope sparks others to join. Prioritizing the health of our communities and the planet is a win for us all.”

Hannaford noted that as supermarkets are energy-intensive, it has implemented energy efficiency products in their stores such as LED lights, nightshades, doors on cases, and state-of-the-art refrigeration systems.

The company will also target solar energy as one of its key strategies for becoming 100% renewable. Ten Hannaford stores already have rooftop solar.

As of April 14, Hannaford operated at 30% renewable energy by partnering with over 30 community solar projects across New York, Maine and Massachusetts.

“Hannaford has always been serious about sustainability and over time, it’s become an integral business function. But there is a sense of urgency as we witness the planet in the midst of a climate crisis,” said George Parmenter who leads sustainability efforts for Hannaford. “Hannaford wants to lead where we can make the most impact—and renewable energy is just another step in our journey.”

The company said that it will couple its efforts of upgrades and conversions with integrating community large-scale solar projects across the Northeast to hit the 100% milestone by 2024.

Hannaford Supermarkets operates 184 stores in the Northeast. Stores are located in Maine, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont.