Hardwick Gazette Sold, Former Editor Talks about His Time with the Paper


Read all about it! The Hardwick Gazette has been sold.

Ray and Kim Small from Stamford, CT are now the owners of the local newspaper in Hardwick, Vt.

The paper’s longtime editor Ross Connelly said it was too much work for one person to run after his wife died.

Connelly says Ray Small has come to visit the town a number of times to get to know the locals.

There was an essay-writing contest to sell the paper, but Connelly didn’t receive enough entries to pick a winner.

Connelly says it’s the first time in 31 years he hasn’t had a deadline to work towards. He says he will miss that.

“People let you into their lives. Happy, sad, tragic, whatever. And that’s a privilege because they’re trusting you, so we fulfill that trust,” Connelly said. “Which at times people don’t appreciate, but overall I think people recognize that a community that has it’s own newspaper is a fortunate community.”

Connelly doesn’t have any set plans for retirement, but he does plan to pick up a copy of the Gazette every week.

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