Hazardous home to be torn down

A Hinesburg home deemed hazardous for the last three years, may finally be torn down.  
But before that, important tests will need to be done.
“Before we remove this property we need to determine if there is any asbestos so that we don’t have another issue, its a state requirement,” Assistant Town Administrator Joy Dubin Grossman said.
LOCAL 22 & LOCAL 44 was told a woman and her two dogs still live in the home surrounded by rats, junk cars, and garbage.

Grossman says they are working on a solution.
“We are working to find some help and support for the resident while also needing to follow what the state requires when removing a property,” Grossman said.
She says people can contract illnesses from rat feces.  Norway rats living in the home carry diseases that could pose a threat, even to neighbors.
“We don’t want anyone to become sickened as a result of that so its obviously a concern of ours and a concern we all share,” Grossman said.
Neighbor Christine Bowden is worried less about the rats and more about the woman who lives there.
“My biggest concern is that the community is supporting the woman that lives there and hoping to find her a way to continue to live on her land in a more appropriate way. Even in the middle of winter I don’t know what the situation is in terms of heat or warmth in there, but it seems concerning to me its not an appropriate structure for Vermont winter,” she said.
Grossman says test results will determine the next steps for the home. In the meantime, the town is working hard to find a new place to live for the woman who calls it home.
“These things take time, they don’t just happen immediately, so we are hoping to take care of the citizens and hoping people understand we are working as quickly as we can,” Grossman said.

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