WOODSTOCK, Vt.- We’re about half way through the summer season, and state officials are urging Vermonters to be aware of ticks.

In 2018, the Agency of Agriculture surveyed about 35 towns for ticks. 108 were captured and 57% of them carried Lyme disease pathogens. The four year average in Vermont is about 54%.

Health officials say they’re biggest concern right now is the black-legged tick. The Ixodes Scapularis is responsible for almost all tick-borne illnesses in Vermont.

“Do not follow any of the wives tales in any literature. Just a get a simple pair of forceps or tweezers. Attach near the head of the tick and over a minute or two try to extract the tick from your skin,” said Dr. Mark Levine, Vermont Health Commissioner.

If you have a run-in with a tick and are experiencing flu-like symptoms, you should speak with your doctor.