City of Plattsburgh under curfew, mayor advises residents to wear masks in public


A new curfew is underway in the city of Plattsburgh. The mayor is asking everyone to stay home between the hours of 8pm and 6am. He’s also asking anyone who does leave their home to wear a mask or some kind of scarf that will keep their face covered.

“A lot of people are going to accuse me of doing too much too soon, but I’d rather do that than too little too late,” said Mayor Colin Read. “Especially when lives are at stake.”

With the exception of work, exercise, and getting food, city officials are pleading for residents of the Lake City to stay put. The voluntary order comes as cases of coronavirus are nearing 100,000 in New York state. Mayor Read says he’s expecting the outbreak to peak in the North Country next month.

“If we do this right and we really stay home for the next 2-3 weeks, we won’t go up that curve,” he said. “It’ll stop.”

The order will also close Plattsburgh City playgrounds which officials say are nearly impossible to keep sanitized. Mayor Read said Plattsburgh faces a unique responsibility in handling the spread as the city has a higher population than the average city in the state and those dense places are where the virus tends to take hold.

“We’ve got the sidewalks where people walk, we’ve got the student population where people congregate and party, the parks and civic areas and government centers,” Mayor Read said,

When you do go outside, to the grocery store for instance, he asks that you cover your face with a mask, bandanna, or scarf, not only to protect yourself but to avoid infecting others should you unknowingly have the virus.

This curfew is specific to the city of Plattsburgh. Town supervisor Michael Cashman says he hasn’t received guidance that this kind of action is necessary in the town.

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