Following the sudden departure of manager Bob Morgan from the Vermont Mountaineers, Johnston Hobbs has been promoted from assistant coach to manager for the remainder of the season.

The new skipper from Long Island was actually brought to Vermont by Bob Morgan.  He’s the same coach Hobbs had spent time training and coaching with at Indiana University.

Hobbs says most of what he knows about baseball he learned from Morgan, so the change should be more or less cosmetic as far as the team’s concerned.

Hobbs explains, “As bench coach, you know, i was pretty much analyzing, and doing the same thing i’m doing now.  Now, well the privilege and the burden of making the final decision’s on me.  So you know, every pitch you have about eight to fifteen possible decisions to run through.  Now my job is to exercise those choices as opposed to suggesting them.”

Compared to “no-nonsense” coaching style of Morgan, Hobbs seems a little looser.  He says he likes to play pranks in the dugout.

As for the departing manager, Hobbs says even he doesn’t know much about the “family issue” that prompted his departure.