A North Country teen has turned a poem about the differences in all of us into a book that’s about to hit store shelves.

Benjamin Giroux of Plattsburgh wrote the poem, “I Am Odd, I Am New,” about living with autism and embracing who you are. 

“It’s about that being different is you being unique, and being unique is a good thing,” Benjamin said. “Because a world where everyone is the same is boring.” 

Benjamin said the book is important because of bullying that happens in school. He felt like he was left out at times.

“Yeah I feel that a lot, especially when I was younger,” Benjamin said.

His dad, Sonny, said Benjamin has taught him a lot throughout this journey. 

“Don’t be afraid to share your feelings and to let other people know how you feel,” Sonny said. “If Ben didn’t have the courage to put his words to paper, we would have never known that he felt so broken inside and so alone and so sad.” 

Benjamin said if you know someone that is struggling, don’t cast them aside. 

“You have to pull them in closer and try to help them the best that you can,” Benjamin said. 

You can purchase “I Am Odd, I Am New,” starting Tuesday November 16.