With stories about cyber attacks on election databases circling around the nation, Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos says his office has taken steps to protect the state of Vermont. 

“As Vermont’s chief elections officer, election integrity is among my highest priorities. This includes the security of our election information and systems,” Condos said.

“I want Vermont voters to know that we are well prepared and that we have taken precautionary steps to safeguard our elections systems,” added Condos.   

Condos says a thorough review of the elections system was done, and no abnormal activity was found. 

“The Secretary of State’s office constantly monitors its systems to be on the lookout for attacks of this nature. I am proud of how proactive we’ve been about cyber security and hope Vermonters take some comfort knowing we have been vigilant,” said Condos. 

Officials say Vermont is one of the states that require a paper ballot for every vote that is cast.  Vermont’s tabulators are not connected to the internet.