UTICA, NEW YORK (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – Rabbi Peter Schacktman says that the Dobbs decision made by the Supreme Court has taken away the Jewish community’s right to religious freedom due to the fact that Jewish law permits abortion in some circumstances, especially when the life or health of the women is at stake.

“Jews and the Jewish tradition as well as other traditions not only permit abortion but actually in some cases require it. So, laws that outlaw and criminalize abortion really are in the front to our sensibility as a religious community in this country and do not really speak to the constitutional principle of religious liberty,” said Rabbi Schacktman.

Since the Supreme Court ruling, the community at Temple Emanu-El spent time discussing how they wanted to respond to this issue.

“We spent a great deal of time discussing the issue discussing how we want to respond to the issue The National Council of Jewish Women, which is a large Jewish organization, provided a lot of materials and we studied the materials because we wanted to learn what the Jewish stance on reproductive freedom is,” said Rabbi Schacktman.

Not every religious community across the country subscribes to the same view on abortion and reproductive health care. The purpose of this banner is to express this message.

“What we’re all very concerned about is that all religious communities in this country have their values have their norms respected and that no one religious point of view is considered predominant or coercive on the rest of the country,” said Rabbi Schacktman.