Kitten Tased by Teens, Video Posted to Social Media

A Snapchat video of two kids using a taser on a kitten caught the attention of police in Florida.
Authorities are now looking for the pair, and some hope to see them face animal cruelty charges.
“It’s not a game. Animal cruelty is not a game,” said Michele Higham.
“To see an animal who is harmless and has not done anything to be treated that way, it’s just cruel,” said Justin Taylor with Nassau County Sheriff’s Office.
Video shows two children using a taser on a kitten and then laughing once it gets zapped.
“Who was standing there videoing this that’s the other question. Who would allow children to do this and think it’s funny?” said Higham.
The video was first sent to Nassau County Animal Services on Thursday.
“For one they shouldn’t have had a taser and to tase a kitten or anyone for no reason is cruel,” said Nassau County Animal Services Director Timothy Maguire.
Officers have been driving around since Thursday trying to find the kids involved and the kitten that was hurt. Maguire says people have come forward, identifying the kids in the video.

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