Melissa Dilling and her daughter Sydney found a creative way to keep kids engaged while at home.

Dilling says she and Sydney were preparing an animated feature, ‘Return to Oz’, when schools started closing due to the coronavirus. After realizing how much worry the virus was creating, Dilling decided to dedicate her and Sydney’s skills toward educating kids on the pandemic:

“I wondered how could we use our knowledge of animation to do something positive because both of us were feeling scared and helpless. Being at home was creating a lot of anxiety for her and her elementary age friends. And as a teacher, I spoke regularly with my middle school students who were experiencing similar fears, worries and frustrations.”

The mother – daughter duo have created a range of videos, including tips on how to say thank you, learning about germs, and how to have fun at home.

Their episodes can be found on the YouTube channel ‘WonderGrove Kids’.