Significantly colder air is draining into the North Country and Upper Valley this morning and it’s only going to become more bitter as the next 24 hours wears on. Temps are in the single and double digits below zero this morning, but everyone is feeling sub-zero when you factor in that gusty northwest wind of 20-30+ mph. Wind chill warnings are in effect now through Saturday afternoon.

Our afternoon will offer up a few mountain flurries, blustery north winds, and life threatening cold. Wind chills will land between 30 and 45 below during the second half of our Friday, but it only turns more brutal overnight. Wind chills tonight through Saturday morning will average 35 to 50 below. It’s recommended you stay inside, but if you do have to be out and about make sure you’re covering any exposed skin as frost bite could occur within 5 to 10 minutes.

The weekend forecast will showcase a split decision with a frigid Saturday and much warmer Sunday. Temperatures will remain in the single digits Saturday with sub zero wind chills. Partly sunny skies will accompany the cold for the first half of the weekend with increasing clouds likely Sunday. Temps will manage the mid 30s to wrap up the weekend with a slight chance for snow showers Sunday night.