Local Maple Producers Make National “Favorites” List!


A local company shining with an “Amber Glow” in the national spot light.  For generations maple syrup has been one of Vermont’s claims to fame.  The same can now be said for Sugarers in Cambridge.

Nestled in the foothills of Mount Mansfield, Eric and Laura Sorkin have been running a muck.  “Runamok really, to us anyway, harkens to that wild nature, the whimsical sense of it and a little bit of the non-conformist nature,” stated Eric.The New York natives moved to Vermont in 2000.  For nine years they’ve tapped 81 thousand trees on 13 hundred acres.  “It depends what Mother Nature provides, but in a given year we might produce about 2, 2 and a half million gallons of sap,” Eric said.

That sap gets boiled down into about 45 thousand gallons of maple syrup.  Amber gold for an increasing food-centric nation.  “We’re turning into a foodie nation and I think a lot of people really like to know where their food comes from, want to know it’s natural, maple syrup just falls into that beautifully,” said Laura.

Thanks to a trip to the New York Fancy Food Show in June, Runamok is a name millions more now know.  “We met up with tons of folks from the press and one of them happened to be Oprah’s people.  They passed by, they really liked our packaging.  They tried it, they loved it, they brought it back to Oprah, she loved it,” recalled Laura.  Eric and Laura’s Runamok products have been added to Oprah Winfrey’s 2016 “Favorite Things List”.  “A lot of other people on the list were big corporations, and they treated us exactly the same as they did for those big groups.  We’re very grateful to them for the opportunity.  We couldn’t be happier,” said Laura.

And it’s no surprise, the Sorkin’s say business has boomed since making the national list.  “We did about a year’s worth of spending in four weeks.  But we’re now doing at least 20 times the business we were just over a month ago,” stated Eric.

While they’ve been producing syrup for nine years, the Runamok business is only a year old.  It’s a chance to experiment and showcase maple syrups’ other applications and flavors.  “Trial and error, basically take something and throw it into some warm maple syrup and see how it tastes,” rejoiced Laura.  The two say for every successful variety they’ve released, there’s a hundred or so attempts to hit the right flavor and ingredient combination.

One of Mother Nature’s greatest gifts, a year’s worth of work boiled down to 2 dozen days of sap collection.  A true labor of love for Eric, Laura, and their crew.  “Being able to find an application that connects us to the land is just incredibly important to both of us.  It’s great.  Doing what we love is just an amazing experience,” the two agreed.

Based on it’s production, Runamok Maple is one of the biggest producers in the country.  But it’s still a family owned and operated business.

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