Saint Albans, VT – Two people were arrested Tuesday after police say they dragged a man more than 250 feet down the street as they tried to drive away from a drug deal in St. Albans.

Police affidavits say Ashley Bates, 27, and Adam Tatro Jr., 32, were meeting another man in the parking lot of Dominos on North Main Street to allegedly buy drugs when Tatro tried to steal the drugs.

Bates told police the man held onto the car as she tried to drive away, according to an affidavit. Witnesses said they saw the man, Kaleb Lavallee, 26, hanging out the window of the car as Bates drove off.

One witness said the driver “shook him slightly and then once that happened, he fell to the ground and they ran over him.” Lavallee’s girlfriend allegedly told police that it was Bates and Tatro in the car.

Lavalee told police he was there to collect money owed to him by Tatro when “the [expletive] dragged me down the street and ran me over.”

Police said they found Lavalee on the ground about 275 feet away from the Dominos. He was taken to the Northwestern Medical Center for treatment of non-threatening injuries.

Investigators arrested Bates and Tatro at a homeless encampment behind the Dominos on Tuesday. Bates faces a charge of leaving the scene of a crash and reckless endangerment. Tatro, who police say ate a folded piece of paper that may have contained cocaine, faces a charge of impeding public officers.