Plattsburgh, NY – Thursday marked 200 days until much of the area will get to see the rare event — a total solar eclipse.

On April 8, 2024, the path of totality will cross 13 states from Texas to Maine. It will go through all of New York’s North Country, all of Northern Vermont and the tip of New Hampshire.

People in that area will get a one to nearly four minute time period where the day turns to night and the sun becomes a black circle in the sky. Plattsburgh is expected to get the most totality in our area at more than 3 and a half minutes. The town is planning ahead.

Town Administrator Michael Cashman says, “we’re working collaboratively with a number of people throughout the region to really make sure it’s a weekend of activities that encourage people to get out and about and see our region in our best light. But then look to the skies during a dark period, uh but something that will truly be a delight for everybody because it will be a historical moment.”

Viewing parties are planned in the Plattsburgh and Burlington area and many hotel rooms, on both sides of the lake have been sold out in advance.