What started as virtual dates during a pandemic turned into something much bigger for Matt Wurnig, a 23-year-old from North Dakota who has made it his goal to go on 50 dates in 50 states. 

“So I knew everything was turning virtual and Zoom was on the rise, so I decided to go on a virtual date in every single state,” Wurnig said. 

After posting highlights of his virtual dates, he gained traction on TikTok, getting up to 6.9 million likes. Then he decided to travel around the country to meet each person. 

Up next on the list: The Green Mountain State.

“It’s really cool to meet all kinds of different people to really grow in that way and connect with all the different kinds of people,” Wurnig said. “Not just my dates but also their families, roommates and friends.” 

Wurnig drives his truck to each state and stays in a hotel. He said, each woman decides what they do for their date. 

“But they basically plan it since they know what there is to do for fun in each state compared to me,” Wurnig said. 

Wurnig said it’s more about meeting friends, and less about finding the love of his life.

His Vermont date is 21-year-old Colby Reynolds from Rutland County. She saw him on TikTok.

“He just popped up and it was in the beginning when he was still looking for dates,” Reynolds said. “I saw that Vermont was still up and I messaged him and the next day he messaged me back.”

Reynolds is excited to show him the natural beauty the state has to offer. 

“I feel like it’s a close knit community and just like the specialness of nature and how beautiful it is up here, it’s very untouched,” Reynolds said. 

All 50 women have a group chat they use to keep in touch with each other. Reynolds said the best part has been meeting new people. 

“Just having 49 new friends and having such a close bond with them, it’s like we have known each other forever,” Reynolds said.