More than 200 climate justice activists will spend the next 5 days walking 60 miles across the state of Vermont. They’re heading to Montpelier to call on lawmakers to take immediate steps to address the climate crisis.
Organizers kicked off the journey with a ceremony of song and prayer. They will make stops in Bristol, Hinesburg, Richmond, and Middlesex, before arriving in Montpelier on Tuesday.
“To say we don’t want any more fossil fuel infrastructure in this state and we need to transition to a renewable future,” said Maeve McBride, Director of 350Vt. “A future where we’re in a better relationship with the Earth.”
Local communities will welcome the group each night with potluck dinners and conversation on climate solutions. Once at the statehouse, they’ll urge legislators to pass a bill that would ban or limit the expansion of fossil fuel pipes and infrastructure. 
“The state of Vermont and legislators haven’t done much about climate change, about the biggest problem we’ve ever faced,” said Bill McKibben, one of the organizers.
McKibben organized the first march 13 years ago. He said while he’s seen the climate movement take off in recent years, there’s much more work to be done.
“People across Vermont are going to see this line of people along the road and be reminded the time has come to take some serious steps,” McKibben said.
Steps that can only be taken when people stand together for the same cause. 
“We have to come together, we can’t solve these problems on our own,” McBride said. “Especially as things get worse with the climate crisis, we need to come together and support each other.”