Actress Jennifer Garner is using her stardom to call attention to the importance of affordable early childhood education.
Garner joined Vermont political leaders at Robin’s Nest Children’s Center in Burlington’s Old North End Thursday to see one example of Vermont child care.
“It’s amazing to see this bipartisan support here in Vermont to make places like Robin’s Nest more accessible to moms who couldn’t otherwise afford it,” Garner said. “The kids benefit because these kids are going to go to kindergarten and hit the ground running.” 
The actress is on the board of trustees of the Save the Children Action Network. It’s an international charity that advocates for increased access to child care and early learning opportunities.
“I’ve seen kids all over this country in my work with Save the Children who are going into kindergarten and have never held a book,” Garner said. “There’s only 1 book for every 13 kids in poor America.”
Garner kicked off story time with a reading of “Llama Llama Misses Mama”. Governor Phil Scott, House Speaker Mitzi Johnson, and Senate President Pro Tempore Tim Ashe joined her. Lawmakers say they are still trying to determine where additional funding will come from.
“We still have more work to do to make childcare more affordable,” said Governor Scott. “If we can lead regionally and nationally in high quality and affordable childcare that feeds into our already strong k-12 system, we will be ahead of the curve in attracting families to Vermont.”