Vermont’s Attorney General TJ Donovan is taking action on illegal robocalls, a phenomenon that costs Americans $30 billion a year.

The AG’s office found that 3 million robocalls came into the state last month alone. Nearly a third were scams. On Friday, Donovan announced plans to sue California-based company TCA VoIP accused of facilitating these calls and routing them into Vermont.

“Vermont will not tolerate U.S. based companies facilitating illegal robocalls to Vermonters,” said AG Donovan. His office conducted an investigation after hearing from Vermont Attorney Matt Shagam, whose clients regularly receive these calls. Shagam has also been targeted.

“I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve gotten calls from panicked clients who are all of the sudden targeted by these people because they are vulnerable,” said Shagam, founding attorney at Rich Cassidy Law.

With the help of federal law enforcement partners, the state of Vermont alleges TCA VoIP to be the fourth-largest source for government and social security fraud.

“Here’s the deal, 3 million robocalls came into the state of Vermont last month,” said Donovan. He says that’s equivalent to 125,000 calls a day or five thousand calls an hour. A situation Vermonters are all too familiar with.

“I’m basically at the point where I don’t answer my phone unless I recognize the number,” said Colin Sturgess, who lives in Essex. “I probably block two or three new numbers each day.”

Esha Moonwic, who lives in Burlington, says, “most of them are about my car insurance ending. And honestly, if I hear something automatic before I start, I hang up.”

Like Moonwic, disengaging in these calls is how you can protect yourself. AG Donovan also suggests taking steps to verify the call, and reporting it to the consumer assistance program.

“This his how investigations and lawsuits start. Call us at 1-800-649-2424.”

Donovan says Vermonters play an equally critical role in stopping these scams, simply by reporting them, so that the office can initiate these trace-back investigations.