Nearly four weeks after a jury conviction him of murder and attempted murder, Aita Gurung is headed to a state correctional facility.

In November, a jury found Gurung guilty of killing his wife and injuring his mother-in-law with a meat cleaver in 2017. The court reconvened to decide where he’ll be held until the sentencing.

Gurung has been in the custody of the Department of Mental Health, where the defense argued he should remain. But, Judge John Pacht agreed with prosecutors and ordered Gurung transferred to the Southern State Correctional Facility’s Acute Mental Health Unit, where he’ll be held without bail.

Gurung was discharged from the Vermont Psychiatric Care Hospital to await his transfer.

A key consideration is whether Gurung could continue his treatment plan for his diagnosis of severe depressive disorder while in prison. State health officials say he has been compliant and have no concerns for his mental stability. Corrections Chief of Mental Health Colleen Nilsen says they’re prepared to continue his treatment plan as prescribed.

Pacht says Gurung’s sentencing could happen in February. He faces 35 years to life in prison.