Alburgh, VT — Named for its picturesque sand dunes, the Alburgh Dunes State Park already features one of the longest beaches on Lake Champlain, and now the park is about to get even larger.

The Vermont Nature Conservancy obtained over 100 acres of shoreline land to add to the park. The Nature Conservancy had its eye on the land for over 20 years and now they can say the state park is nearly 800 acres in total area.

“We’re here to celebrate what an effective partnership looks like in conserving the lands and waters of Vermont,” said Heather Furman, State Director of the VT Nature Conservancy. “The Nature Conservancy works to protect resilient lands and connected habitats and is really proud of this legacy, it’s one of the special places that we have worked to protect.”

Michael Snyder, the Commissioner for Vermont Forests, Parks and Recreation, explained the importance of preserving Vermont land. “Remember, when we conserve and create access for public recreation, particularly through our state parks, we also conserve landscapes, connectivity, ecological function, protection of clean water.”

Throughout the state, the Nature Conservancy protected about 300,000 acres of natural land, 90% of which is in the public domain.

“The way I’ve been thinking about this, it’s almost a love letter to conservation,” said Furman. “First of all, if you had a chance to walk out there, and look at the view, and just be in that place for a minute, you can imagine the generations that have come before.”

The land is described as a biodiversity gem. It has 16 natural communities and 25 rare or endangered species.

The Nature Conservancy aims to continuously upkeep and protect Vermont lands.