It took just five hours for Vermonters to order 350,000 COVID-19 antigen tests for home delivery Wednesday, the start olf the state’s Say Yes! COVID Home Test program.

Vermonters who accessed the Say Yes! website entered their names, phone numbers and Vermont address, and with a click, the test kits were promised to be in their mailboxes in one to two weeks.

Most who ordered the kits found it to be a simple process, while others reported experiencing delays due to the high traffic on the website. Kip Steele was able to place an order immediately.

“The process was really painless,” he said. “My feeling is that I could do an at-home kit just to make sure I am OK for my neighbors and everyone else.”

Matt Crawford placed an order and had the tests sent to his wife’s school. “I work from home and don’t necessarily need to have the tests, but they need them at the schools so I figured the more that I can get them to people who need them, the better off I would be.”

Governor Phil Scott said Tuesday that the allotment is in addition to the rapid tests already promised to schools by the Biden administration. “This is also an addition to, not in place of, President Biden’s initiative to send tests to Americans, which is expected to begin later this month.”

The program was developed by the National Institute of Health and is expected to deliver a total of 500,000 tests. Details of when the additional 150,000 tests may be made available are still to be determined.

“Rapid tests continue to be an important tool especially given what we have learned about omicron, while PCR tests are still beneficial they take too long in many instances to prevent further spread due to the speed in which omicron transmits,” said Governor Scott.