Tunbridge, VT — A North Dakota family has made it their mission get a lamb with disabilities to an animal sanctuary in Vermont.

“His rear legs, they only have stumps, they don’t have any hooves,” Bridget Rosecrans, who family took in the lamb, named Llama Llama, after it was born during a February cold snap that left its ears and legs frozen.

Rosencrans plans to drive Llama Llama 2,000 miles across country to the Little Red Barn Farm Sanctuary in Tunbridge.

Missy and Steve Gilbert, owners the Little Red Barn Farm Sanctuary, said their mission is help animals that have special challenges or been abused. In February 2020, they took in some of the more than 100 animals seized from a Brandon farm after the owner was charged with animal cruelty.

“That really almost tripled our population, just from that one case,” Steve Gilbert said.

The Gilberts knew Llama Llama would fit perfectly into their home.

“He is just a little guy with a fighting spirit,” Steve said. “We have seen it before when we see animals with that fighting spirit. You want to give it a chance.”

Llama Llama will forever be a part of the Rosecrans family, even when it is time to say goodbye.

You can find the families GoFundMe here.