Shelburne, VT — Antiques Roadshow, a PBS TV show made it’s first ever visit to Vermont on Tuesday at the Shelburne Museum for an all-day appraisal event as part of the series’ 27th production tour. Around 3,000 visitors were expected and the line went all the way down Shelburne Road.

“I brought some memorabilia,” visitor Lorna said. “My father was a pitcher for the New York Giants, here is a picture of him in his uniform. I also brought a season pass that the Giants issued sterling silver to special people apparently, dated 1931.”

Lorna was told the season pass is worth $700.

“I remember him playing baseball, he was a great father and a great grandfather,” Lorna said.

Leila Dunbar is a professional appraiser of pop culture memorabilia, including sports.

“Shelburne Museum has had the best grouping of sports memorabilia and cards that we have seen all season long, we are thrilled,” Dunbar said.

Dunbar said appraising is very straightforward.

“People think we use a magic eight ball to come up with prices but what we actually look at are other items that have sold that are similar and then we make adjustments,” Dunbar said.

Visitors Rich and his wife Amy brought a civil war gun.

“That was handed down through Amy’s family and her great grandfather traded it for food,” Rich said. “It’s made from Richmond wood, which is uncommon. I had no idea.” 

The couple said the gun was appraised to be around $8000-$10,000, and says it was a great experience.

“I would recommend it to anyone if it comes to your city,” Rich said.

PBS will produce three one-hour episodes from the taping, which will air in 2023.