The Burlington City Arts, exhibit Unprecedented? explores the social, psychological and cultural impact of the events of 2020. The exhibit features nine Vermont and New England artists. 

“The word unprecedented has become almost a cliché in recent months as we all have searched for the language to try to describe the times that we are living in,” Mayor Miro Weinberger said. 

One language of expression is through art. Eve and Steve Schaub are a husband and wife creative team. They created work that would speak to people during these times.

“There was a sense of panic and sense of looming uncertainty and we felt really inspired as creative people,” Eve Schaub said. 

Steve takes the photos with his film camera and Eve hand writes the text on the pieces. Their work showcases the history of pandemics. The pair wants people to take away one message from their art.

“A sense that this has all happened before and we survived and we can learn from the lessons of the past,” Schaub said. 

Curator and Director of Exhibitions at Burlington City Arts, Heather Ferrell said it usually takes about two years for exhibits to come together, and this one only took two months. 

“Even if you don’t understand the art or you don’t understand where the artist comes from, I think through the expressive framework of grief, hope, anger, frustration, uncertainty, we all can touch upon our own experiences within these last few months,” Ferrell said. 

The exhibit is open now through January 30. They are taking precautions to make sure people are safe when they visit. If you don’t feel comfortable visiting in person, they offer virtual tours.