Childcare is a crucial piece of our economy. It takes the responsibility off parents, so they are able to work without having to worry for their little ones.

“We know that child care is the engine, that lights the fire for economic development. There is no doubt about that,” says Jamie Basiliere, Executive Director of the Child Care Coordinating Council of the North Country.

Thursday morning, lawmakers across the State of New York gathered, calling on the state to use the remainder of the funding from the cares act. 83 legislators across the state signed letters to the Governor about the cares act funding as apart of child care day of action.

“They’ve only given out an estimated half of that. We’re asking the state to release that cares act funding and that child care funding that they have,” says District 115 Democrat Assemblyman Billy Jones.

Basiliere, says the agency partnered with the state to provide childcare for essential workers for 10 weeks during the pandemic. However, she says the state has not payed a penny of the two hundred and twenty five thousand dollars they owe the agency. “And by the end of next month, half a million dollars they will owe this agency, with a one point five million dollar budget, so our well is not endlessly deep. We will run out of money if they do not pay us for work we’ve done on genuine, fully approved, fully executed contracts.”

Assemblyman Jones says this is not acceptable. “These crucial programs these child care providers have put these services out and we need to pay them for these essential services. We need to pay them for our greatest asset that we have, it’s our children.They need to pay their bills.”