East Corinth, VT – For people living in East Corinth, it’s been the summer of Beetlejuice, as work on a sequel to the original film has taken over the town. But this past Monday, something even scarier took control.

Catastrophic flooding that looks like it came out of a movie itself nearly washed away parts of East Corinth and parts of the movie set, as the Waits River began spilling over its banks Monday night. With all of the extra water, parts of the town became the center of rescue operations, including the East Corinth General Store, which is the only store in town.

The general store happens to sit right next to the Waits River, and when the river began flooding, community members had to group together to save the store. Dozens of people showed up with sandbags and dump trucks full of sand to create a flood barrier between the river and the store, and miraculously, their efforts paid off, as the store survived completely undamaged.

“I just remember coming here and I just saw water all the way up throughout, about knee-deep, and I saw all the community of just volunteers just freely helping and shoveling sandbags trying to protect the store,” said Caleb Peavey, who works at the East Corinth General Store. “It was definitely very important that nothing got in there, because it would have been an expensive fix.”

“Maybe somebody said ‘Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!’ too many times!” said Julie Gadapee, a resident of East Corinth, talking about the flooding. “They needed dump trucks and all hands on deck to get sandbags made to save the store, and thank goodness we all banded together.”

For other parts of the town, the water came up just high enough to where it didn’t flood, sparing dozens more buildings and the red covered bridge on the ‘Beetlejuice 2’ set. Albeit a day later than scheduled, filming was finally able to start on Tuesday, and wrapped up early Thursday morning before actors with the labor union SAG-AFTRA went on strike.

“You wouldn’t have even known that there had been a flood going on all around the Beetlejuice set,” Gadapee said.

For now, it’s a happy ending in the small Orange County town. But locals are hoping the additional rain in the forecast doesn’t recreate the near-tragic scenario they saw on Monday.

“I’m definitely a little worried about the water rising again with this current rain, but I’m hoping it’ll stay just the way it is and not have the same issue,” Peavey said.