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Border patrol in Swanton arrest three trying to enter US

Customs officials say border agents in Highgate arrested two people from Mexico and a third from Guatemala as they attempted to enter the US from Canada on Wednesday.

According to US Customs and Border Protection, agents assigned to the Swanton sector received a report from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police that a vehicle had dropped off two or three people near the border, north of Rheaume Road in Highgate.

The agency said the three people told agents following their apprehension that they did not possess immigration documents They were turned over to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement for the start of deportation proceedings, the bordper patrol said.

Apprehensions along the north border are increasing, accoding to data released this week by Customs and Border Protection. 

In the 2018 fiscal year, 548 people were apprehended along the Swanton sector, a nearly 300-mile stretch of the Vermont-Canada border. That's more than three times the 165 people apprehended in 2017, according to newly released statistics.

“The excellent working relationship we have with our Canadian law enforcement partners at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) helped us apprehend these three individuals attempting to enter the country illegally,” said Patrol Agent in Charge Matt Sherman.  “By sharing information with each other, we support both our missions of securing our respective borders.”


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