Travelers at the Burlington International Airport are ready to take flight.

“it’s been almost four weeks,” says Kenn Corr. “It’s been a long trip.”

Kenn Corr finished a hunting trip where he got to spend some time with siblings.

“Spent a lot of time with my brother, we’re really close,” Corr says. “Both our parents have passed. It’s been a few years since that’s happened. As more people pass, it makes you appreciate who you have left in the family.”

And soon, Corr will be in Florida where he’ll spend the holiday with his wife and daughter. This is his first time traveling close to thanksgiving.

“I mean you look around and you wouldn’t think it’s the day before thanksgiving day like they advertise on the news,” Corr says.

He wasn’t the only one surprised with the crowds.

“It has not been super busy,” says Isabel Rowland. “I was expecting it to be more busy considering that it’s the only airport in Burlington.”

Rowland is making the trip to California to see family.

“[It’s] pretty exciting,” Rowland says. “I haven’t seen them in awhile [and I] haven’t had a chance to travel home for a few months.”

And she’s especially excited to see her dog Mango.

“She’s never really lost her puppy energy,” Rowland says. “Every time you see her, it’s like a super big greeting and that’s great.”

Some young folks are traveling in style.

It will be seven-year-old Jaden and five-year-old Hudson’s first time on a plane.

Triple A estimates air travel to be up more than nine percent compared to last year. They say the busiest days are the two days before thanksgiving and this coming Sunday.