The Burlington School District Board of Education is scheduled to decide the final cost of the new Burlington High School and Technical Center project when it meets Wednesday.

The price tag has settled in at $190 million after a decision in June decision to move many of the Tech Center’s programs to the airport reduced the price tag by $20 million.

“This is the biggest investment that the City of Burlington will make in infrastructure for a very long time, and it’s going to be on all of us to figure out a path forward that lessens the level of that bonding,” Burlington City Council President Karen Paul said.

The school district currently intends to use $25 million of its own money and ask voters for permission to borrow $165 million. Property taxes would go up by roughly 15.5%, or $1,088 per year for a $500,000 home. That’s based on assumptions that enrollment will remain flat.

“We’ve heard anecdotally that in other places where they’ve built new high schools like this, it’s actually drawing families back into the city, so there’s some potential there,” Burlington School District senior director of finance Nathan Lavery said. “We have more families, ultimately driving up enrollment — that will actually put downward pressure on the education tax rates.”

This also assumes the Horizons and OnTOP alternative high school programs are part of the project. If the programs are off-site, the project cost and the bond amount would both go down.

“Both (School Board) Chair (Clare) Wool and myself have been out to talk to students and staff,” Flanagan said. “And we’ve recently heard from principals that there is a great benefit to those programs being off-site.”

The school district is required to submit November ballot language by next Monday. The language will be on the City Council’s agenda for that night.

Even if the November bond vote fails, BHS and BTC will still need a new home soon. Their temporary home at the former Macy’s department store downtown is due to be demolished in the final phase of the CityPlace Burlington development.