A Burlington man is scheduled to appear in court on Monday after an incident outside a convenience store involving a gun.

The South Burlington Police say two women were with an unnamed man Friday evening who was soliciting them for sex. Shortly before 6:30, as the three of them were at Simon’s Liquors & Deli on Shelburne Road to buy alcohol, one of the women reportedly called Theodore Bland, 27, to ask him for help.

Bland is accused of pointing a shotgun at the other man at Simon’s Liquors and ordering the women into his car. None of the four called police, but multiple eyewitnesses did so. They reported that the situation appeared to be an attempted abduction.

Bland has been arrested for aggravated assault and robbery, fentanyl possession and possession of a weapon while committing a felony. As of Saturday night, he was being held at Northwest State Correctional in St. Albans Town on $10,000 bail.