Burlington, VT – The Burlington School District sent an alert to students parents & surrounding school districts about a suspicious driver who approached a student during their walk home.

According to the note posted by Superintendent Tom Flanagan on BSD’s Facebook page, the student was approached on a street near Hunt Middle School and offered a ride. According to Flanagan, the student refused but the driver became more insistent. Eventually, the student quickly left and reported it to their parents.

Flanagan says there was a similar incident earlier this year that also involved an HMS student and another incident where a man in a van followed an Integrated Arts Academy student. Flanagan says in each case, the students didn’t engage with the driver, ran away, hid and reported the incident.

Flanagan says Burlington Police have been notified along with city crossing guards. School districts in South Burlington and Colchester were also notified, with Colchester Schools alerting students who typically walk or bike to and from school.

The alert encourages parents to talk with their children about what to do if a stranger approaches. It included a link to safety tips.