Black Lives Matter flags are being raised at Burlington Public Schools, as a commitment to stand for equality and to reject racism and discrimination. All of the students have one message in common, that Black Lives Matter.

Flags were raised at Burlington High School, Ira Allen Preschool, and C.P. Smith Elementary School. At C.P. Smith Elementary school students shared anti-racist commitments they wrote.

Principal Leonard Phelan said it was important to get the students involved.

“I look to the young people for an example of treating people equitably and really not treating people differently based on their color, their culture, their religion,” Phelan said. 

Student at Burlington High School, Ruby Wool hopes the flag will set a daily reminder.

“For people who are coming into our school, people who are driving along the ave, if they are seeing that, this is what BHS stands for, and this is the message that we want to give out to our communities,” Wool said. 

Superintendent of Burlington schools, Tom Flanagan said it was important to raise the flags.

“We have systemic racism in our nation and this is a way to publicly show, for me as a white man to publicly show my support for people of color and to show that I stand with them,” Flanagan said. 

The schools are putting an emphasis on learning anti-racism at a young age. 

“We are working with students to understand race, and racism and inclusion and diversity and acceptance,” Flanagan said. 

These ceremonies will continue through November and December.