Burlington, VT – Memorial Day weekend brought pleasant weather and an abundance of visitors to North Beach, as families and friends flocked to the popular spot to enjoy the festivities.

The beach was packed with campers and beachgoers on Saturday, creating a vibrant atmosphere. Aidan from Middlebury, VT, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “Super fun, the water’s a little chilly but nice to hang in the summer.” Ella Lobdell from Westport, NY, added, “It’s nice to have a warm day and be with friends.”

Sarah and Matt from Portsmouth, Rhode Island, shared their love for camping on Memorial Day weekend, stating, “It’s Memorial Day Weekend. Nothing like getting out and camping; it’s good stuff. We just love it up here. So, we try and come whenever we get the chance.” Sarah and Matt’s connection to Burlington runs deep, as they first met during their time at Saint Michael’s College. Despite living in Rhode Island now, they make it a point to return to Burlington every year. Sarah added, “We’re going to make our pilgrimage to St. Mike’s store to get them loaded up with St. Mike’s gear and show them where we first met. And it’s her first camping trip!”

The children were already excitedly planning the activities they could enjoy during their stay. Sarah and Matt’s daughter chimed in, “What do you want to do while at the campground? We can have s’mores, yeah. Baseball? No, it’s softball, Dad. Biking, drawing.” Christian Holleman from Middletown, Rhode Island, expressed his eagerness, saying, “Definitely enjoying the weather, hoping to get out on the bikes shortly.”

Softball games were in full swing as well, with Callum and Bennett, aged 6 and 4 respectively, sharing their experiences. Callum boasted, “I’m better at throwing and batting. Bennett is a couple of levels under since he’s two years younger, so he just needs a little more practice.”

While some visitors enjoyed beachside games, others showcased their bravery by taking a plunge into Lake Champlain. Hans Hsouksah, who traveled from Canada, described the water as “pretty cozy, not like hot. You have to be heated like tan first and then you get hot and take a dip.” Lewis Suchomel from Middlebury, VT, admitted he had to gather his courage before jumping in, saying, “I had to force myself just to jump in. Going in slow is not an option.” Christian Holleman’s excitement for swimming was evident when he exclaimed, “I want to go swimming with my dad. Dad, are you ready to go in the cold water? Let’s do it.” Young Beau shared his plans, stating, “We want to look for Champ. I don’t! Are you scared of Champ? Yeah! Are you… noo… I’m gonna ask my mom and dad for their phone and take a picture.”

Interestingly, some individuals claimed to have seen Champ, the legendary creature said to inhabit Lake Champlain. Callum, a 6-year-old beachgoer, shared his encounter, saying, “Me and Mom were walking down the beach. I put my finger in; it was really cold. When I was walking back, I saw this thing jump out of the water!”

Folks plan to continue to enjoy the beaches and campgrounds during the remainder of the Memorial Day Weekend.