One of Vermont’s most popular hiking trails is getting a makeover. Starting this summer, the Green Mountain Club will work with the Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation to renovate a trail leading to the summit of Camel’s Hump.

Camel’s Hump is a popular destination for hikers from all across the region but the top of the Burrows Trail near the peak has been showing signs of wear and tear over the past three years. Katheryn Wrigley, a Forest Recreation Specialist for the Agency of Natural Resources says rain and foot traffic has caused the trail to widen, which impacts nearby foliage.

“It was always well-loved. But during COVID-19, you could walk out and see that it widened by two feet just by people using it. So now it’s about six to ten feet wide. And 20 feet wide in other but now it’s six to ten feet.” Wrigley expects these upgrades to create more jobs in the Green Mountain State and says the Green Mountain Club hired a special trail crew just for the project. “We’re providing skills, training and employment and also helping to upkeep a trail that needs some love.” 

Wrigley says the improvements will begin in the summer, and hikers should be aware of crews as they near the summit.